Tuesday, November 18, 2008

They fly SOUTHWEST!?

So, there I am...I just sat down in my seat and am putting my stuff in the back of the seat in front of me and I hear a voice. "That sounds like Flavor Flav. No, it couldn't be. On my plane?" I look up, and sure enough, there he is. FLAVOR FLAV!! I want to yell it out loud as he sits down in the row in front of me next to an old couple. Then I think, "What is Flavor Flav doing flying Southwest? They don't even have a business class. That's bizarre. Maybe those VH1 shows didn't do so well. I wouldn't be surprised, I saw a couple minutes of one and YIKES!"
It made for an interesting flight. I must admit, Flav was very nice in speaking with the older couple. And they LOVED him. They had quite a bit to talk about as the old lady used to be in "show business" (as she put it). Though from what I heard I don't think she amounted to much, but she seemed to think she knew quite a few people back in the day (she said she was 88).
Yeah, that's right, I listened in to their conversation. I HAD to. After I noticed him say "Wwwoooww" fives times, I knew I had to keep count at least until the plane was in the air. At that point I got into my article I wanted to read, and would just keep a tally each time I happened to hear him say the word. (This was also pretty easy to do, it kind of grabs your attention.) Though I may never be able to read the talk about faith and priesthood keys from President Eyring without thinking, "Wwwwwoooooooowwwwwwwwwww!" [Total times said on an hour flight from Las Vegas to Burbank: 27]

Then, on my way home I see Holly from the TV show Girls Next Door sitting in the row behind me. She was quite and didn't say much. I did have to ask to make sure it was her. She confirmed. Again though I thought, "She is flying Southwest? Maybe that breakup with Hugh Hefner left her high and dry. Or maybe Holly, and Flav for that matter, are actually just down to earth and don't mind flying the friendly skies with us normal folks. Probably the case, they both seemed nice enough."
(Guess which picture I took, and which picture someone else took.)
"The only thing that makes you old is your frame of mind."
"88 and flying straight, YEAH....WWWOOOWWW!" (You've got to picture him saying this to give it the full effect.)
"Everybody says I'm the Sammy Davis Jr. of rap."
"Doesn't matter whatever in life you do, have fun."

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's finally here...Evan's Corner

That is it! I couldn't resist. So, I saw that a buddy of mine had created his own blog besides the one for his family, and I have been tempted to do the same ever since. Then today, I read on his blog about how he was excited that he car had reached a milage milestone, and that he realized that may be a weird thing to be excited about. But I am EXACTLY the same! I totally remember our C230 hitting 100,000 miles, and I am sure I will notice when our Accord hits 75,000. But nothing replaces the time in high school when my parent's mini-van 234,000 miles! It was great, I think my dad was even a bit proud. We drive the SNOT out of our cars. I was so bugged when we finally got rid of the van just because I wanted to be there when it hit 250,000. I'll be sure to pour out a 40 ounce of water next time I am washing my car in memory of the old van. Anyways, I am rambling...oh wait, that is totally fine. This is MY own blog! At least this way I don't fill up the family blog with useless information. I am sure Nicole will appreciate that. Not to mention any who may come across our blog.

So here it is, my own blog site. I hope you enjoy Evan's Corner. (Title after an old school book I used to check out in 1st and 2nd grade as it had my name in the corner.)