Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's finally here...Evan's Corner

That is it! I couldn't resist. So, I saw that a buddy of mine had created his own blog besides the one for his family, and I have been tempted to do the same ever since. Then today, I read on his blog about how he was excited that he car had reached a milage milestone, and that he realized that may be a weird thing to be excited about. But I am EXACTLY the same! I totally remember our C230 hitting 100,000 miles, and I am sure I will notice when our Accord hits 75,000. But nothing replaces the time in high school when my parent's mini-van 234,000 miles! It was great, I think my dad was even a bit proud. We drive the SNOT out of our cars. I was so bugged when we finally got rid of the van just because I wanted to be there when it hit 250,000. I'll be sure to pour out a 40 ounce of water next time I am washing my car in memory of the old van. Anyways, I am rambling...oh wait, that is totally fine. This is MY own blog! At least this way I don't fill up the family blog with useless information. I am sure Nicole will appreciate that. Not to mention any who may come across our blog.

So here it is, my own blog site. I hope you enjoy Evan's Corner. (Title after an old school book I used to check out in 1st and 2nd grade as it had my name in the corner.)
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