Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Time to Make the Donuts

So, in the event that I have not written here on this blog that only I read (with the exception of maybe two friends, and the random person from eastern Europe), that I am planning on doing Rockwell Relay this summer with a few friends, let it now be known. With that said, I would encourage any of you that are not familiar with the race, to check out the site. And for those of you (you maybe two friends of mine, and that random eastern Euro reader) that would like to get a more personal and downright hilarious viewpoint and eloquent write-up of the race be sure to the Fat Cyclist's website. (SIDE NOTE: Fatty actually isn't all that fat. Unless you mistake muscle for fat, cuz Fatty is apparently pretty fast. So I'm thinking there's more muscle than the name would imply. Though I will admit, being on the shorter side like Fatty, us guys don't have as much place to hide the extra few lbs. we may gain for having an overly enjoyful (and thus bingeful) weekend of scarfing down our favorite foods.)

Anywho, check out the sites, and get the itch to ride Rockwell, and read Fatty's musings.

In the future, I will share some of the things that I am doing to prepare for this race, and how it really all came about that there are 8 of us now going to take on this ride from Moab to St. George in the great state of Utah. (ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: Be sure to check out Cyclng Nation's website for other notes from my fellow teammates as we prepare. I may even be allowed the occasional writing on the site.)

So for today's post, I would just like to share that as this is an overnight relay cycling event that will include riding in the heat of over 100 degrees during the day to possibly into the 20's during the night, I was excited to justify getting a light for the bike, and get in a little night riding. So, I present my night riding ready bike from this morning...
(ready to roll!)
My Niterider Pro 1800 Race light may have been a bit of overkill for what I might need, but in this case I figured more was more. As you can see from the picture, it can put off some blinding light when at its maximum setting. (Notice how the squares on the garage lose their definition from such an outpouring of pure, raw, light!) This will be good in the event I actually get some decent downhill time on my 2nd leg of Rockwell.

There I was today, rolling out before the sun came up (just like the Dunkin Donuts guy) with fellow teammate, Andrew. He, also a Niterider guy (of the smaller but just as sweet Pro 750 sort) and I ventured out in my first experience in the dark.

Not only was it fun to be out in the dark, but it was fun to be out in the FREEZING dark! Alright, that was not as true. It was cold, and for this California boy (with his Arizona roots) 37 degrees made me want to have the light show me the way back home into a warm bed. But we moved on, hitting the trails for a quick morning stroll to test out my light.

I set the light at its middle setting and we still were sort of giggly. Even more so when we encountered a runner on the trail at such an early time of morning. As we approached we shielded her eyes from the brightness that was the Pro 1800. (Mind you, I did have the light pointed down like I should have, but she was still the 1800's first, and probably not last, casualty.)

The rest of the ride went well. The sun came up before we were back, but the temperature was not following suit. I do look forward to using my light in the future, but with the cold the way it is (not to mention my work schedule right now), it will come little by little.
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