Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cycling From France!

Alright, I'm not actually in France. But I kinda am.

(Pic from a photo shoot we did.)
See, we started this apparel company a year ago, and it's getting noticed here and there. Sure, it's not HUGE, but it's growing. And it's being seen around the world. (Gotta love Instagram, Facebook, pretty much the internet as a whole.)

Recently, we had a freelance write reach out to us about doing an article for her website. Getting this interest from anywhere is pretty cool. Getting the request from someone on the other side of the world is AWESOME!

That said, check out her site, and read up on her article about Alpine Apparel!

What may be the best part about it, was at first she thought my name was Ewan, and not Evan. Needless to say it got plenty of play amongst friends, and now has given me a name for an alter ego should I ever need one.

Oh, and be sure to check out the company's site:

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