Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Here We Go Again

So, I've been debating for quite some time about whether I should start blogging about my rides. It all started when I completed my first cycling event back in March, and LOVED every minute of it (except for about 15 minutes of it). I knew I needed an outlet, and actually have posted one ride report on a sweet cycling blog that is by guys that are both better writers and better riders than me. ( - check it out!) They were nice enough to invite me to write more regularly, and I may do so. However, when I write there it may be with more purpose whereas here I can feel free to write whatever I want and not have to worry about it.

With that said, I am not sure if this will last or not, but I will try writing again. Also, this blog will be more purpose oriented towards my cycling, (though I WILL NOT be held back if I desire to write about something else here!) but I will not delete my old posts. Consider it an added bonus for coming across my site that you can read about random musings from a couple years ago in my life. However you've found it, welcome to Evan's Corner.
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