Thursday, September 5, 2013

What I Am & What I Amn't

My skillz

Allow myself to introduce...myself. I have been riding bikes for a little over a year. I started with a mountain bike that was bought as much to pull my daughters in a trailer as it was to get out on the mountain. After a few months I decided that since I was riding the paseos around town more than the mountain, due to accessibility, it was time to man up and get a road bike. From there, I really started loving to ride. 

I am a husband and father to a very beautiful wife (if I do say so myself) and three very adorable little children. Add to family time the amount of time that I put in to work and serving in my church and it is quick to determine that my riding time becomes very limited. As a result, I am more of a weekend warrior at best. With that said, I have noticed that based on my review of those that use Strava in my area I am somewhere in the middle of the pack. And I figure that is about where I will stay. So, if you are expecting a blog site about how I am killing every event I enter, and am the know it all for everything cycling I am sad to say I am not that guy. Thus, you won't ever see me in this group of guys (leaders of Stage 5 of the Tour of California coming into the final stretch, here in MY town!).

I think the first guy is yelling, "Shut up legs!"

I am, however, still someone that loves to ride very much. While more of my time is spent riding road these days I still make it a point to get out and ride with some friends that show me how mountain biking is done every so often. However, with the events that I have planned to do in the next few months, I probably will need to get a good number of miles under my belt on the road. 


Side note - I understand that it is probably offensive to most cyclists that I do not use the metric system. My response to that: 1) Deal with it, and 2) maybe I will switch over at some point if my riding gets good enough that I can pretend I know what I'm talking about and can back it up. Though I will admit it is nice to sound like I've done more because I've simply converted my miles to km's. 'Man, I road 100 km's today!' vs. 'I road 62 miles.' Well at my level of riding, that would be pretty good either way. But you get the idea.
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